Why I wrote the book

Why did I write it, what’s it all about?Research from the field of mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) has shown that 'The Heart Leads'. What this means is that if you want wisdom and optimal processes of change in your life, you need to lead via the heart-brain and its competencies. And one of the key competencies and functions of the human heart of course, is Love (in its many and various forms and manifestations). Now, take that idea and apply it to the notion of LifeDesigning...

LifeDesigning is a process that I've been developing (and living and teaching) for over 20 years, and I'm writing about in a new book that I hope to have completed and available soon. It's based on the idea of 'creating a life of success and happiness by design, and not by accident!' It utilizes techniques, insights and methodologies from the fields of NLP, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, TQM (Total Quality Management), Agile Project Management, System Design and mBIT. And if you realize that your life is 'the life you lead', and you want to take control and design and lead your life to greater purpose, happiness and success -- and the heart leads -- then you can best create a life of success by leading your life with and through love -- by Loving your Life! Pretty obvious really.

So, the Loving your Life! project -- the book, and the social facilitated Generative BookJourney that supports it -- is a way of bringing more love and loving into your life and thereby lead it to success. It's about loving your life more wondrously and deeply, making your life more amazing and thereby lovable; bringing more love into your life by loving others more fully and delightfully; and making yourself more open and lovable to receive the loving you so richly deserve. Loving your Life! is about a series of deep and generative explorations that will have you question your 'ontology' -- your ways of being, feeling and doing -- in your world. And through neural-plasticity, developing new neural circuits and new unconscious skills and competencies, and thereby creating a success spiral of happiness and success in your life.

So my outcome in writing this book was to provide you with a scaffold and a filter to examine and explore your life more fully. And along with that to share ideas, distinctions and tools that you can use to love yourself and your life more wondrously. And from this place, help you and those you connect with and influence, to live more generatively, more wisely and to make a difference in the world by living in a way that brings more love to your life and to the world!

So buy a copy and make a difference in the world, read it, apply it. And pay it forward and give someone the gift that truly keeps on giving… in ripples that will spread throughout the fabric of our world.

Love is not done in isolation. Love is about connecting and making a difference. So share your loving and life more wondrously with others. Spread the love! And together, all of us bringing more loving into our own lives, will entrain and resonate more loving into the world and help make love the basis from which we all live more wisely together.

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