The Generative BookJourney

Are you interested in coming on a journey of deep neural plasticity

and personal self-evolution towards Loving your Life! more wondrously?

Imagine being supported in taking action on a journey of deep self-discovery in Loving your Life! even more wondrously. A journey that lasts as long as you want with self-paced, bite-sized explorations, through social facilitated-learning, with pre-recorded webinars and generative exercises. Imagine learning and exploring new strategies for personal evolution in loving your life even more deeply. Imagine the neural plasticity you’ll experience over the course of this exciting journey.

Do you love your life? Are you living your most vibrant

and enchanting life you can? Would you like to learn how to do that?

What is a Generative BookJourney?The Generative BookJourney is a webinar facilitated experience. It is webinar based so you can do it from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world. Learn in a supportive virtual environment and explore what it means to bring your human spirit alive and tap into your own inner wisdom.

Based on the exciting new book Loving your Life!, and using mBIT, NLP and Positive Psychology, the journey facilitates you through a series of explorations and deep meditations in how to truly love your life, love your self and bring more loving into your life.

What will you get when you Join Us?

When you sign up and join us on the mBIT Loving your Life! Generative BookJourney you will receive:

  • 11 x pre-recorded one and a half hour Webinars in which you will be facilitated in exploring key distinctions from sections of the book. The book comprises 30 meditations/explorations on loving your self and your life more wondrously. Each monthly webinar will examine 3 of these explorations.

  • The webinars are recorded so you can watch or rewatch them at your leisure during the process of the journey.

  • Peer Social Learning - You will be connected together via private facebook wisdom community group to do peer support reviews and discoveries and bring the material from the webinars alive in your own life. This will be social learning facilitation and you will be provided with worksheets, mindmaps and generative exploration guides to support you in these discovery processes.

  • A whole lot of deep learning - The overall process rrepresents an incredible journey of deep mBIT based self-discovery to provide generative learning and transfer of wise generative change in loving your life even more wondrously.

“Have fun exploring cool and powerful distinctions in a nurturing

and supportive environment with those who share similar values

and passions for personal evolution.”

Come on a deep exploration of what it means to be Loving your Life! with the profound new personal evolution fields of multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT), NLP and Positive Psychology.

As recent Neuroscience has shown, we have centers of intelligence, or ‘brains’, in our heart and gut regions. Each of your three brains (head, heart and gut) have their own domains of expertise, their own prime functions, and more importantly, their own ‘Highest Expressions’. Loving your Life! applies these profound insights to the context of truly bringing your life and spirit alive! Based on behavioral modeling of people who are truly loving their lives, you can now use these insights to take your life to another level and truly be Loving your own Life!

From an mBIT perspective, each LyL exploration is designed to:

  • Intrigue you (heart)

  • Be thought provoking (head)

  • Challenge you (gut)

  • Be life expanding (emergence and wisdom’ing)

In other words, the BookJourney process is designed to engage you through all of your multiple brains and the integration of them to their Highest Expressions. And this is what joining the Generative BookJourney provides the time, space, community and self-directed guidance for. When you join us, you'll experience a year of actively enjoying your generative journey of self-discovery and personal evolution.

The LyL Generative BookJourney provides:

  • Creative Ideas

  • Thoughts

  • Strategies

  • Distinctions

  • Directions

  • Considerations

  • Explorations

It is not intended to be the definitive treatise on the components of loving your life, but instead it provides a scaffold, a lens and a set of filters through which you can directionalize and guide your own intuitions, wisdom and intelligence to loving your life even more wondrously NOW!

Use the power of mBIT and NLP to align your heart, head and gut brains,

to bring your human spirit alive, and love your life more wondrously!