Become a BookJourney Facilitator

Are you an mBIT Coach or Trainer and would like a web-based business

that you can use to facilitate mBIT processes across the planet?

Based on the exciting new book ‘Loving your Life!’, and using mBIT, NLP and Positive Psychology, the LyL Generative BookJourney process facilitates people through a series of explorations and deep meditations on how to truly love their lives, love their selves and bring more loving into their lives. And NOW as an mBIT Coach or Trainer you can become a Facilitator of this incredible process!

Become an mBIT Loving your Life! Facilitator

For those select few who choose to, there is an exciting opportunity to become a licensed mBIT Loving your Life! Facilitator. mBIT International will provide all of the structure, processes and materials (such as webinar powerpoint slidepacks, session runsheets, webinar review videos, worksheet templates and pdf’s, step-by-step instructions, marketing material etc.) to be able to run and facilitate online Loving your Life! BookJourney groups. This means you will be able to run an mBIT web-based business, where you facilitate groups of people through the same Generative BookJourney that you will have experienced yourself, providing an incredible Return On Investment (ROI) and potential ongoing revenue opportunities, while leveraging your mBRAINING Chapter 9!

What you get when you become a Facilitator

As a licensed LyL Facilitator, you will receive from mBIT International:

  • A license to run Loving your Life! Generative BookJourney experiences

  • Webinar Powerpoint slidepacks for each session & Session runsheets

  • Webinar review and design overview videos

  • Worksheet templates and pdf's, Mindmaps, Deeper Exploration, Generative Question and Action Learning handouts to use with your Journey participants

  • Step by step instructions in how to setup and facilitate the Generative BookJourney

  • Marketing brochures

  • Opening to the growing cohort of mBIT Coaches, mBIT Clients and participants of mBIT Trainings such as mBRAINING Evolve your World workshops, who are looking for ways to build deep generative change into their lives

Note that: This is opportunity is ONLY available to licensed mBIT Trainers and Coaches, and provided to you, like all of the mBIT International training offerings, at an incredible value and price so that together we can bring higher order generative change and wisdom to the world.