Training Disclaimer

The contents of the Loving your Life! (LyL) Journey and other mBIT Trainings are for educational purposes only and do NOT involve the provision of any form of medical, psychological, legal, financial or healthcare advice or services.

The programme, trainings and training materials are intended to provide helpful and useful material on the subjects addressed in the training. mBIT International Pty Ltd does not provide or purport to provide any medical, health, psychological or professional advice or service or any other personal professional service. Participants and Facilitators and their clients should if necessary seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner, health professional or other relevant competent professional before trying or using any information, exercises or techniques taught in the mBIT LyL Programmes or any other mBIT or LyL based Trainings such as the Evolve Your World workshop or mBIT Coaching or Leadership Decision Making workshops.

mBIT International Pty Ltd does not represent or guarantee that LyL Facilitators, mBIT Coaches or Trainers or participants of any mBIT or LyL Training will be able to profit from activities as an LyL Journey Facilitator, an mBIT Coach, or as an mBIT Trainer, or attain any particular amount of revenue by offering mBIT or LyL based services. An individual's level of success as an independent contractor will be solely determined by their personal efforts, abilities, and resources.

mBIT International Pty Ltd reserves the right to revoke certification from an mBIT Certified Coach or Trainer or LyL Journey Facilitator at any time should the Coach, Facilitator or Trainer be found to be in breach of any of the professional or ethical standards specified in the Certification Criteria or mBIT Code of Ethics (available at or relevant license agreement. mBIT International Pty Ltd also reserves the right to disclose whether an individual is currently Certified upon receipt of a written request to do so. Note that participants can not represent themselves as an mBIT Coach, an mBIT Trainer or use the Certified mBIT or LyL Facilitator logos unless they are currently certified and licensed to do so.

mBIT International Pty Ltd makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy, reliability, sufficiency or completeness of the contents of the LyL Journey Programme or Facilitators Training and specifically disclaims any implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. There are no warranties which extend beyond the descriptions contained in this paragraph. The accuracy and completeness of the information provided in the programmes and training and the opinions stated therein are not guarantees, nor warranties to or towards the production of any particular result, and the advice and strategies contained therein may not be suitable for every individual.

mBIT Coaches and Trainers and LyL Journey Facilitators shall indemnify and hold harmless mBIT International Pty Ltd. and its owners, officers, directors, employees, agents and affiliates, from any and all claims, causes of action, losses, damages, or expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, incurred by such party relating to the actions, errors or omissions of you in marketing, offering or providing mBIT or LyL Journey services.

By attending an mBIT LyL programme or training, participants agree that mBIT International Pty Ltd. shall not be held liable for incidental, special nor consequential damages based upon the use of the mBIT International Pty. Ltd. Intellectual Property or the distribution, marketing, and providing of the mBIT International Intellectual Property, even if one party has been notified of the possibilities of such damages. Participants of the training and programmes agree that mBIT International shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss of profit or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, punitive, consequential or other damages. In implementing or utilising any part or portion of the mBIT Training, LyL Journey Programme or training materials, participants agree to do so at their own discretion and their own risk, and to not hold, nor attempt to hold mBIT International liable for any loss, liability, claim, demand, damage and all legal cost or other expenses arising whatsoever in connection with the use, misuse or inability to use the materials or learnings.

Refund Policy: Please note that mBIT International's refund policy is that no refund is provided on programmes or trainings once a programme has commenced; withdrawal from a course or programme within 1 week or after commencement of start date leads to default of the full course or programme fee.

Successful completion of the program as a Certified LyL Journey Facilitator shall not be deemed or construed as creating a joint venture or partnership between mBIT International Pty Ltd. and an mBIT Coach or mBIT Trainer.