About Loving your Life!

In our society we often talk about ‘Love’ as if it is a ‘thing’… treating it like a noun, an object. We talk about ‘having’ love, or not ‘getting’ enough love, or being ‘in’ love, as if love were a container or room, or a pool in which we are immersed in love. The reality is that love is a verb, it’s a process, it’s something that you do. And this is a powerful and liberating understanding.

Being aware of this is really important. It allows you to realize that loving is a skill, it’s a process that you can learn to do better. It’s also a process that if you need to give deep focus and attention to, otherwise you'll find that you won’t do as much loving in your life as you can, or do it as well as you truly can. And this is vitally important for loving yourself and loving your life even more wondrously!

So this book is both a guide and a tool for helping you focus
on aspects of loving yourself more. It will help you open your heart
to parts of yourself that you can support and love more fully.

The field of neuroscience has also uncovered some pivotal insights that this book utilizes to help you create a life and a ‘self’ worth loving and living to the fullest. It has been discovered that our brains exhibit neural plasticity — the brain that thinks changes itself. This means that by exploring and taking on new ideas, beliefs, attitudes and understandings you can change the structure of your brain(s) and ultimately change the structure of your life. This is truly an exciting insight! Through a process of directed learning you can induce neural plasticity that produces changes in gene expression that in turn alters the strength of synaptic connections and leads to the growth of new connections.

Exploring the book

While you can certainly read this book from cover to cover, it was originally intended to be more of a ‘coffee-table’ book — one that you could dip into and explore, one tasty item at a time. Kind of like a healthy snack book for the mind and soul. So it’s designed to allow you to look through the content list and find what currently resonates for you and then enjoy learning ideas, strategies and distinctions on loving your life more wondrously through that filter or lens.

Of course, approach and digest it in whatever way works best for you. And I hope it adds much value to your life and that by conveying new perceptions to your mind, heart and soul, it helps you both evolve your world and bring your human spirit alive with greater levels of exquisite loving.

A Journey of Discovery

To go with the book, I have developed a web-based social learning process called a Generative BookJourney. This process works together with the explorations in the book to take you on a year-long journey of self-discovery and personal evolution. Learn more about the LyL Generative BookJourney here.

And would you like to learn about Why I wrote the book?